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Main Characters Edit

Character Picture Character Name Description
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Stitch Known as Experiment 626, he is an alien from outer space, one day ends up falling into Earth and lands to the island called Izayoi.
Angel Known as Experiment 624, she is a pink female experiment who is Stitch's love interest. Stitch is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling.
Yuna She is a young 9-year old 4th grader, elementary-school student who lives on a fictional island off the shore of Okinawa, called Izayoi. Living on Izayoi, she learned and studies karate, living a rather normal life, but having to deal with minor problems living with her grandmother, Obaa. However, one day she meets a strange creature that has come from the depths of space, Stitch.
Jumba Jookiba He is an evil genius scientist, the one who created Stitch, and the other 625 Experients. He is assigned by the Galactic Council to watch over Stitch, and lives with Yuna and Obaa. He is much friendlier in this series than the original, and has less of a penchant for evil.
Wendy Pleakley He is a one-eyed alien working for the Galactic Council and Earth expert. He is Jumba's best friend, and lives with him along with Yuna, Obaa, and Stitch.
BooGoo He/she is a tiny alien who resembles as Pleakley's pet.

Zak and Wheezie They are a two headed dragon who love to play music on their scales and they also have a spaceship that is half green and half purple with their tail on the end of the spaceship. Zak and Wheezie will be having new electricity abilities by holding an electricity wand and wearing an electricity cape and electricity crowns with one lightning bolt on top of Zak's crown and two lightning bolts on top of Wheezie's crown.

Villians Edit

Character Picture Character Name Description
Dr. Hamsterviel He is a dimunitive albino alien scientist with a rodent-like appearance with white fur, red eyes, a hamster-like body, a gerbil-like lower body and rabbit-like ears, two feet tall, wearing a red cape with a yellow H on the front, who desires to conquer the galaxy. On Season 4 of Stitch!, he wants Zak and Wheezie for their power cell so he can use it to create his own experiment which he is going to name her Luna.
Reuben Also known as Experiment 625. He is as strong as Stitch, but very lazy, and likes to eat sandwiches.
Delia A new villain, introduced in season 3. She wants Stitch for his Power Chip and forces Dr. Hamsterviel to help her.

Other Characters Edit

Dexter- An adorable capuchin monkey who loves to make his friends laugh.

Ord- A blue dragon who is big but not brave at all.

Cassie- A pink dragon who is shy but very smart.

Sid- A sloth who loves to sing with Zak and Wheezie.

Wishbone- A jack russell terrier who loves to read books.

Zoboomafoo- A coquerel's sifaka lemur who loves to leap with his friends.

Nigel- A sulphur crested cockatoo who loves to act in plays and shows.

Randall Boggs- A lizard like monster who loves to give surprises to his friends. 

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