Stitch! Crossovers with Ghibli is the Stitch! season 4 episodes 1 to 19 are similar to all the 17 studio Ghibli films in chronological order as they crossover with those films.episodes 20 & 21 involve everyone that was from Hawaii and/or Izayoi, episode 22 is "Studio Ghibli's Top 17 film countdown". episode 23 shows the children of Angel and Stitch and the children of Yuuna and Takumie.episodes 24 to 41 are similar to all 17 studio Ghibli films in chonologicaly-backwards order except for 'Castle in the Sky'. episodes 42 to 49 show every one from Hawaii and Onikawa being together. and finaly, episode 50 shows the cast of an 18th studio Ghibi film

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