This is a list of the English Dub names for the Stitch!: The Mischievous alien's Great Adventure episodes.

1."The Sea Monster"

2."The Foulest Smell in the World"

3."Count Chibila"


5."The Phantom Pirates"

6."Who's Your Empress"

7."Back from Good to Bad"

8."A Giant Lie"

9."A Wishful Christmas"

10."Stitch and the Eating Contest"

11."Yuna's Dad Comes Back"

12."Mind Invader"


14."Lovestruck Badly"

15."Prince Evile"

16."Sherlock Stitch"


18."Needless Love/Pleakley Becomes A Movie Star"

19."Stitch At Dr.Hamsterviel's Command"

20."Yuna's Cousin, Sora"

21."Yuna & Stitch VS. Sora

22."The Wanna-Be End of the Universe"


24."Out On So-Called Parole"


26."Disneyland: Wher Nightmares Come True"

27."We Will Shock You"

28."Let's Save The Oceans"



Note to Masami Hata (The creator of Stitch!): Could you please air the exclusive season 2 episode, Hand season 2 to Australia, and hand season 1 to America, please. We've had enough waiting.

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